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About Us

Experience the difference with weight-bearing imaging in a Truck

The CurveBeam line of weight-bearing cone-beam CT scanners has revolutionized extremity imaging. CurveBeam scanners can be found in world-class healthcare facilities worldwide. These scans offer physicians dramatically more information than traditional x-rays at a lower dose of radiation and greater convenience.

CurveBeam Mobile is the “put it on a truck” business line and will give availability to any size practice. Using a mobile solution will increase use, better the practice processes, add to the bottom line, and provide additional organization marketing.

Less Than One Minute Scan

The scan time is less than one minute with the results in 15 minutes or less. The system automatically generates a full 3D CT volume: Axial, Sagittal, Coronal, PLUS a set of 2D XRays with every scan.

Ultra-low Dose

Cone Beam CT employs a wide, cone shaped beam. The flat panel detector is positioned closer to the anatomy being imaged, which means less X-Ray dose.

Major Benefits

3D diagnosis creates accurate views of rotation and minor fractures. Faster surgery without “wait to see”, complete patient planning, and reimbursement for scans including Medicare.


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