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About Us

Experience the difference with weight-bearing imaging.

The compact pedCAT system is well suited for mobile configurations and provides radiology and orthopedic specialists with three-dimensional bone detail of the lower extremities. Radiation dose to the patient is significantly less than with conventional CT scans. The system permits the patient to stand during the scan, so anatomy can be assessed while in the “weight bearing” or “load bearing” position.

Patients benefit by having a more accurate and timely diagnosis, greater convenience and time savings (one visit at one location), a simple and fast procedure, low radiation exposure, and the procedure is covered by most insurers, including Medicare, and is less expensive than most alternatives.

Practice benefits include access to more accurate information and better diagnostics (3-D, weight-bearing, bi-lateral), quicker results, increased patient compliance, high patient satisfaction, improved quality of care, no capital outlays, and positive cash flow within weeks. Offering our service helps your practice portray you are up to date with the very latest. And with a breakeven of just 4-5 scans per week, can improve patient outcomes as well as the practice’s bottom line.

Less Than One Minute Scan

The scan time is less than one minute, and the systems automatically generate a full 3D CT volume, Axial, Coronal, Sagittal scans PLUS a set of 2D X-rays with every scan.

Ultra-low Dose

Ultra-low dose CT imaging systems output 3D views to give specialists the information they need to create comprehensive treatment plans.

Major Benefits

Diagnose quicker (within 15 minutes), get reimbursed for the scans, and provide a more complete patient plan.


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