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Start Small & Schedule Time

How can I get WBCT in my Practice when I’m just starting?

Want ultra-low dose bilateral weight bearing CTs and not ready for the capital outlay to have your own?  Start small by scheduling weekly time!  Up to 6 scans an hour!

CurveBeam Mobile plans geographically close offices to offer day schedules with a CurveBeam CT device.  Schedule a day or two a week!

  • Your office sends patients to the truck
  • Our CT certified tech will scan them
  • With a coded USB, we’ll give you the scans
  • Use the INCLUDED software to edit, change, or send the file
  • Your office sends for reading, if wanted
  • Your office does all billing
  • The patient either returns to your office after the scan or not
  • CurveBeam Mobile shows up every week at your designated time
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  • Schedule up to 4 full days a week.  In order for a mobile service to begin, we need 4 full days booked.
  • We’ll advise about accreditation options.  If you choose to have accreditation with the device, we can help you get through the process and we can offer references for the necessary physicist.  If you sign up for 3 days a week or more, we will pay for the physicist.
  • Pre-Auth help.  We have much of the language you could need to get reimbursed.

What’s the ROI or break-even amount?

Well, a CT reimbursement without Medicare can be quite a range, so we’ll choose $200 for the reimbursement.  At up to 10 scans an hour possible, you are at $2000 per hour.  Less than 2 hours can pay for even the smallest amount of scheduled time with the device.  Now, let’s say you only use the CT for XRays (we call them InstX) at $49.  Each hour would get $490 and so you’ll need 5 mostly full hours in the day to break even.  Do a combination!  Take one scan and submit for the CT.  If it is rejected, turn in the InstX that you already have.   We have many tools to help you!