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FAQs for a Mobile Solution

In general, healthcare companies do reimburse specialists for cone beam CT scans taken at the point-of-care.   We have a full document on the wording needed for pre-authorization which you will get when you book time with us.

The most common CPT codes:
73700 – CT lower extremity w/o contrast
73200 – CT upper extremity w/o contrast
73701 – CT lower extremity w/ contrast
73201 – CT upper extremity w/ contrast
76376 – 3D render with interpretation post-processing
76380 – Follow-up study

The effective dose to the patient ranges between 2 – 6 micro Sieverts per scan. To put this in perspective, the average American is exposed to about 8 micro Sieverts of background radiation in a day.

  • For the steps into the box, there is a lubricant
  • If there is a generator, there is a need to add oil periodically
  • Might choose to update the truck’s wrap

Up to 8 scans can be done in an hour easily with enough time to ask questions, help with the device, and entering and exiting the truck. 

We have two different business models.

  1. One is to purchase.  Your business will own and manage the truck, hire the tech, fully design the truck inside and out, and will choose the device.  Doing a lease or buying outright both works.
  2. The other is to be in a daily schedule per week with other offices.  We would need 4 days per week filled in order to start the program.  Please look at our Schedule Time page or contact us to learn about this option.

The truck is a Ford 550 likely.  The box portion will be anywhere between 14 and 17 feet long.  The cost increases are mostly within the power and A/C needs of the box.  Depending on how “green” the truck and box will be, will determine the cost increases.  Some costs will be in decoration and cabinetry.

There is a wheelchair lift, barrier, generator, technology, retractable steps, and the start of the truck wrap.

If you are buying a truck, we will work with you to design the mobile truck in the way that best fits your organization.

Making the Ford 550 electronic is interesting.  There is a way, but it’s close to 4 times the cost of the truck.  There might be some rebates or grants that we can work with but they are not guaranteed.  Next, the box can go all battery.  There have been some advancements on A/C systems as well.  All of these things can influence the level of “green” that can be designed and they all have costs.

It is highly suggested at each of your locations.   This will provide your truck electric power at the location so that all other power sources can shut down or stop.

Yes.  BraunAbility Wheelchair Lifts are what we use.   Lifting weight is 750 pounds.