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How Mobile Works

Start your convenient time based plan.

  1. Contact us at [email protected]
  2. We’ll reply within 24 hours to discuss your mobile scanning questions and set a time to visit.
  3. At our first visit, we will talk about any questions you may have, provide any answers, and go over the scheduling contract.
  4. Once signed and ready to go, we’ll visit again and provide you with a kit that includes your plan and everything you need to know. We’ll lock in the location spot for our mobile truck and service can start!
  5. During your time block, you can schedule up to 4 scans per hour and bring the patients to the mobile unit for the scan.
  6. Use the included software to edit, change, send scan file/s, and save as DICOM or JPG files.
  7. Have the scans read professionally, take for pre-op or post-op, or take for review without a read.
  8. Use the billing codes and get reimbursed. If you want to bill Medicare, we have the process for that as well!

Interested in a personalized truck for just your practice?  Contact us and we’ll show you what options are available.


Traditionally, sending patients to imaging centers and outside of your practice brought no reimbursement to your bottom line, another trip for your patient to an unfamiliar place, and perhaps added more time to diagnosis. By utilizing CurveBeam Mobile, you will scan your patients in under a minute right at your practice.

  • Suggested scans per hour = 4
  • Radiology Reported scans are reimbursed
  • Scans for pre-op or post-op might need pre-authorization to be reimbursed
  • Scans that we call “decision making scans” might not be submitted for reimbursement – your choice


In general, healthcare companies do reimburse specialists for cone beam CT scans taken at the point-of-care.   We have a full document on the wording needed for pre-authorization which you will get when you book time with us.

The most common CPT code used to bill for pedCAT scans is 73700 – CT lower extremity w/o contrast.

Other CPT codes that may be applicable are:

73701 – CT lower extremity w/ contrast

76376 – 3D render with interpretation post-processing

76380 – Follow-up study

The effective dose to the patient ranges between 2 – 6 micro Sieverts for a pedCAT scan. To put this in perspective, the average American is exposed to about 8 micro Sieverts of background radiation in a day.

The pedCAT® is approved by the FDA to scan the foot & ankle region only. New devices are coming soon that can scan upper and lower extremities. 

The pedCAT has two fields of view settings. A scan in the partial field of view setting takes 20 seconds. A scan in the large field of view setting takes 48 seconds.