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Create Your Own Rolling Billboard

Do Multiple Locations make it hard to plan capital improvements?  Do not all locations need a device full time, today?

Purchasing a truck for your multiple location is likely your best bet and a good practice!

If you have 3 or more locations, you can work with us to customize your mobile extremity CT imaging.

You will customize:

  • The route is yours
  • The advertising you will be showing off will be seen around your cities
  • The inside cabinets and counter tops
  • The floor and the wall colors (we have suggestions)
  • Pick your device from CurveBeam
  • The outside is your always updatable rolling billboard
  • Grow your business by taking the truck to local games and events

To purchase, your business could consider a lease.  We have options to discuss with you.

We will help with accredidation if you are needing that credential.

We know the processes you will need to incorporate into your business, we are your partners!

One Minute Scan

The scan time is one minute, and the systems automatically generate a full 3D CT volume, Axial, Coronal, Sagiattal scans PLUS a set of 2D X-rays with every scan.

Ultra-low Dose

Ultra-low dose CT imaging systems output 3D views to give specialists the information they need to create comprehensive treatment plans.

Major Benefits

Diagnose quicker (within 15 minutes), get reimbursed for the scans, and provide a more complete patient plan.