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Own a Mobile Solution

Create Your Own Rolling Billboard

Do Multiple Locations make it hard to plan capital improvements?
Is it hard to estimate growth and needs?

Purchasing a truck for your multiple location organization is your best bet and least overall cost!

If you have 3 or more locations, work with us to customize your mobile extremity CT imaging solution.

Let’s Customize and Brand Your New Truck:

  • The route and staff is yours
  • The inside cabinets and counter tops
  • The floor and the wall colors (we have suggestions)
  • Pick your device from CurveBeam
  • The outside is your always updatable rolling billboard
  • Grow your business by taking the truck to local games and events

Consider a lease.  We have options to discuss with you.

Accreditation?  We can help.

We know the processes you will need.  We are your partners!